In Memory

Debbie Krieger (Knight)

My good friend, Debbie Knight passed away this past week. She was way too young for the lord to have taken her especially without letting me say good bye to her. She was one of the best friends I have, and the best person any one could know. She has a beautiful daughter and two grown grand children and two great grand babies. Debbie always had a smile on her face and if she had something to complain about, she would keep it to herself. She just wanted peace and quiet. I am going to miss her big time. We didn't see each other too much any more since we gave up our bowling league (We bowled for 25 years together.) but we always made sure we stayed in touch. I would love all my friends that knew her or even if you didnt to say a prayer for her tonight. I am sure she is In a better place, I am just missing her and Not believing she is gone.

(Posted May 6, 2016 by Teri Williams on