Jonathan Morris

Profile Updated: July 22, 2017
Residing In: Washington, DC USA
Spouse/Partner: Irene Lummertz -- native of Brazil -- cocoanut water is our FIGI
Homepage: People have a "Homepage?"
Occupation: Professor, Georgetown University Graduate School - Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
Yes! Attending Reunion

Living and teaching a unique graduate program class at Georgetown. The program on REITs, allows me to use my knowledge gained working for three REITs. Each one was a "Best in Class" company.

Coming up on five years and approximately 140 students, it's been a terrific breath of fresh air. My students are generally between 25 and 35 and working. I teach from 8:00pm to 11:00pm two nights a week. I also give a Saturday "Workshop" which is an eight-hour immersion class and I advise one student per semester on their Master's Thesis. These papers run from 50-100 pages. Two have been published in industry periodicals. I have helped several students secure new jobs and advised dozens on how to advance their careers.

School Story:

I am amazed at how many "lives we live." While most of my time has been in DC proper (moved down for graduate school at GWU right after graduation from undergrad) I have moved every 8-10 years or so. About 15 years ago, I pursued the purchase of an apartment in Palm Beach, Florida, a destination vacation spot. Now it's more "home" than DC but DC is still home (for now).

I look at the 700+ names in iur graduating class and find so few that I see. Only about 30% of the class has signed up for this site. I'm not sure what this paragon tells you, but it doesn't scream "involved." I don't even have Facebook but I enjoy seeing the photos of classmates.

Who was your favorite teacher in high school?

Every day was a learning & growing experience - I now see that.

Name one song that takes you back to high school whenever you hear it.

Tons of them. Elton John, Jackson Browne, much more.

How did you find out about this website (please be specific; we want to know how to best reach people)?

Google Walt Whitman and you'll get here easily. You may have to LOOK for a minute or two but it's pretty obvious.

There are several people out there who I would enjoy speaking with and even seeing again. I do hope they access this site and email me ( and please send some photos if you do communicate.

We lost a lot of good people -- Robert Mintz, a long time friend died in Colorado in some fluke post-surgery issue and I just read that Bill Denells just passed. We are all getting older simultaneously and if there's someone from WWHS that you hung out with regularly but didn't make it into your adult life, or you theirs, go ahead and reach out to them and say "hello." It takes a minute and costs zero. You'll make a new friend, again.

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