Allan Raskin

Profile Updated: July 11, 2013
Allan Raskin
Residing In: Providence, RI USA
Spouse/Partner: Katie Wilkinson Raskin
Occupation: ER Doctor
Children: Zachary, born 1985
Rosalind, born 1988
Yes! Attending Reunion

So. Was kinda a F---Up premed at Franklin and Marshall and had to go to Mexico for the first couple of years of med school. Katie and I got married in the meantime. The school sucked, but we were living on the beach in Baja which was great: learned to surf and eat fish tacos before they made it to the US. Old friend Ned Overend was living in San Diego at the time and we stayed a lot with him on weekends. I was lucky enuf to transfer into the 3rd year at Md so we moved to Baltimore and Katie got her social work degree at the same time.
I did a residency in Family Med at Brown in RI, and we ended up staying here, for better or worse. I've been an ER Doc since 1985 and am pretty wasted for it. The "young people" ask "how could you do this sucky job for so long?"
Mostly because I get away to our beach house in Matunuck where I still surf, and also boat and kayak and drink too much with my neighbors and watch the sunset which I am doing RIGHT NOW. Love it all.
Have also been playing sax and keys in bands all along. Presently doing this Motown thing which is very nostalgic for all those songs the bands used to play at the Pyle school dances. Great stuff.

School Story:

Going on too long . . . Zack is a pianist/bassist/producer/Berklee grad, but living in Peru right now and teaching English.
Roz is a local rock star fronting a 3 piece and loving it. Check out Roz Raskin and the Ricecakes on the web. They are awesome. Playing the Newport Folk Festival in a couple of weeks.
The Motown gig really does remind me how fun 7th grade was and all the dances on Friday nights, walking home late at night and sleeping over at Overend's.
And when the Bannockburn boys hooked up on the ski trip with Katie and her friends Judi and Janet and Carol and Lisa etc. and we all partied SO much . . .well that was high school Nirvana.
I was in a meeting during residency and the leader asked how many people actually LIKED high school - and I was the only one of 12. Maybe my memory was off - but I did start dating Katie then so it couldn't have been all bad. Still together since 1972. What the hell!
Do miss DC and all my Bannockburn boys and all the other great kids from Pyle and Whitman who I don't see enuf. Looking forward to the reunion!
Thanks to Sparky and Carol and the others on the committee who do all the work.
Oh, and I am still skiing, and though I have skied all over New England, haven't made it back to Tremblant. Those 2 trips up there were very psycho. Duby's older sister was the chaperone, which pretty much says it all. I think I got addicted to sex, drugs, rock and roll, alcohol, and skiing on those trips and have never fully recovered!

Who was your favorite teacher in high school?

Mrs. Schless, my 5th grade teacher

Name one song that takes you back to high school whenever you hear it.

Taxi by Harry Chapin and Layla which Tony loved

How did you find out about this website (please be specific; we want to know how to best reach people)?

From the Email.

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Allan Raskin has a birthday today.
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Allan Raskin has a birthday today.
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Allan Raskin has a birthday today.
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Allan Raskin has a birthday today.
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Allan Raskin has a birthday today.
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Allan Raskin has a birthday today.
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Jan 11, 2014 at 7:05 AM

Hi Tom. Don't know if you remember me. I live in RI and get up your way periodicly skiing. Cool that you are in New England. I don't really get the facebook thing. My email is