40th Reunion Recap


Class of '73 40th Reunion

Our 40th reunion weekend events were well-attended. By most accounts, it was the best reunion to date. They just keep getting better. If you missed this 40th, please keep up with your contact info so you can attend the 45th. Not convinced? Read some of our 40th attendees comments below.


  • Dinner: October 19, 2013 7:00 pm at Normandie Farm Restaurant, 10710 Falls Road,Potomac,MD 20854

  • Picnic: October 20, 2013 12:00 - 4:00 pm at Carderock Picnic Pavilion, 9722 MacArthur Blvd


“All of you on the reunion committee have certainly “given your all”, organizing multiple events, over the years. Although I haven’t attended every one, I’ve seen great photographs from all of them.  I am so glad you all could get together to relax and enjoy a dinner on me. It makes me very happy that I could “pay it forward” to such wonderful friends and classmates that have done so much for so many others!! 

Marla Prather 11/23/13.  (NOTE: Marla generously insisted that her unused event tickets be used by the committee as her gift.)


“A quick note:  Audrey Rothstein came by the piano bar where I play —  I was really touched!  Awhile back, Mike Resnick came by with his soon-to-be husband and I think Jackie's Fahr's son, David, may stop by while he's in town. Our class is really lucky to have you guys on the reunion committee helping us all to find each other and come together after all these years...Thank you so much “   

Sheree Sano  11/22/13


“I would like to pay tribute to all the committee members for organizing such an extraordinary 40th reunion event. Those classmates that didn’t attend don't know what they missed.  I think we can safely assume that our "Class of 1973" was an atypical one. Think of our clan as a fraternity or sorority--seemingly coming closer together every five years.  I enjoyed speaking with several of our "members" that I didn't know that well or at all in school; and reminisced with those who I was friendly with.  I can't thank you enough -- Carol, Kathy, Jackie, Ethel and Sparky -- for a superb job on the event and your diligence and enthusiasm in rounding us “Whitmanites of '73” up for our 40th.  I anticipate with glee the 45th.”

Michael Greenberg 


“I wanted to thank all of you on the committee for your efforts pulling off such a wonderful 40th reunion!  I was thrilled to say that I was apart of it.” 

Rhonda Saks (Brown)


"I really appreciate all of the work you and the committee did. I had a great time connecting with friends all the way back to first grade. Can 't wait until next time."

Karin Fleischer MacKinnon


“Thank you so much for a great weekend!!  Everything went off flawlessly and was so enjoyable!  It was so apparent how much effort; planning and countless hours went into our 40th Reunion! The food was terrific at both venues, the weather was perfect and the turnout was fantastic!!! “

Jan Hamill


“Many thanks again to you and the committee for a wonderful reunion weekend.  I just wanted to pass along a comment from Chris Fowler; “Best Reunion Ever.”  He said the venue doesn’t matter, that for him it was the casual attitude and congeniality of the classmates, and the approach and organization of the committee, that did it.  That bodes well for future reunions!  I agree with Chris, and I think there was a more relaxed feeling, certainly on my part, and that of our classmates, compared to past reunions.  Maybe “maturing” isn’t so bad after all! “

Dave Jannotta


"I can't tell you what a great mood I'm still in - it really was a super-great weekend!!!  You "Gang of Five" knocked it out of the park.  Thank you SO MUCH - I absolutely and completely appreciate you all!!!”

Sheree Sano


To all who worked so hard to make this reunion happen I wanted to express my sincere gratitude!! I know I speak for many people when I say it was a great time...always too short but so good to see people.  There was a lot of love in the room on Sat. night and at the picnic as well...thank you again for your effort and allowing all of us to experience the good feeling.  All the best

Geoff Montgomery

"To all of you on the reunion committee, thank you for all your hard work. Folks had a great time!"

Jane Birnbaum


"WOW! ( and I am not referring to Women of Whitman with this WOW.)
What a fantastic weekend, and I am still in the after-weekend glow days later.
Thank you so much for all of your efforts to produce a grand weekend.
It was - and you are - the best."

Curtis Hoberman


"Thanks  for all your hard work. Donna & I have been to all the reunions and I agree that this one was one of the best. Best wishes and continued good health until the 45th!"

Charlie & Donna (Nahme) Salcetti.


"I want to add my thank you to the entire reunion committee for a terrific series of events.  Without exception, everyone I spoke to had a great time!!  It was great to see old friends and to make new friends out of old acquaintances.  I agree that it was the best reunion ever. Great job!!"

Neil S. Ende


"Thanks again for the great events. It was great to discover that collectively we are some really nice people."

Bruce Delaplaine


"Five-thousand thank-you's, Carol, one to each of The Commitee, plus Douggie, last name slavin' over the hot stove all afternoon.  I'm speechless, but no way talked out; let's do it again."

Michael Tovar


"Kathy, Sparky, Ethel, Carol & Jackie, Mille grazie (Italian: “I thank you a thousand times”), Mighty Five of '73, for holding a marvelous event! I really appreciate all the effort you put into planning and hosting! Everything was fabulous! I thank you so much for your stellar efforts to find and personally invite everyone you could, including me!!! And what an interesting, delightful and good-looking group the Class of 1973 is! A special moment for me is when I ran into Eugenie Anderson, Class of 1974, who came to the picnic. When I recalled she played the part of Charlotte in the Drama Club’s musical, “Charlotte’s Web”, she answered happily, “Oh, you remember!” I exclaimed, “Yes, I wrote the music and lyrics!” and broke out singing her solo, and she joined in. What a moment for both of us! I wrote the songs for “Charlotte’s Web” on my $40 guitar I had purchased with babysitting money and taught myself to play chords, writing songs for the fun of it. Since I’ve never had music lessons, I’ve never known how to put them to paper, and just kept them in my memory. I figured the melodies were lost in time. After Whitman, I got a degree in business management, not that I was at all interested in the subject, but Dad would only pay the tuition if I studied something that would earn me a living. I even got an MBA and have been teaching university management courses, management for organizations and “making a living” as a consultant, using my creative bent to make the subject interesting. I stopped playing the guitar when I couldn’t afford to take it to Italy with me, and after losing my calluses, I gave it up. Still, I write songs sometimes, but since I can’t put the music to paper, I have just kept them in my head and heart. So imagine my delight, 40 years later at the picnic, my music and lyrics came alive! I sang another song from the musical and Eugenie remembered it. What a thrill it was to relive the songs from “Charlotte’s Web!” When I walked away, tears came to my eyes. Eugenie told me that playing Charlotte was her break-through part, and that she went on to her acting and singing career. We thanked each other with a big hug. I am so delighted for her! Italians call the “ahha” musical moment I had “la svolta decisiva.” It translates literally as the decisive turn in one’s life, “the turning point” when one knows who one is and to pursue one’s passion. And so I have decided to put the dozens of songs I have written to paper, somehow, and to write more songs. I hope that someday my songs will be sung and heard. I thank you, Mighty Five, for inviting me to the Reunion and for me “la svolta decisiva.' Best wishes to all of you'"

Amy Johnston


"Thank you so much - I had a fantastic time!"

Edith aka Edie Peter


“Thank you for setting the atmosphere for the best reunion ever.  This was so much better than the previous hotel venue’s.  Everyone I spoke with had the best time and appreciated all the effort and amount you guys gave of yourselves. This was the first reunion I went to the picnic.  I can’t tell you how glad I am that I chose the picnic over the Redskin Game.  This was definitely one of the best emotional moments in my lifetime.” 

Fred Banner


"It was just awesome. Had a great time! I even stayed another night to meet friends for lunch before coming back to NYC! Great Job and Great weekend."

Yedda Hammerli

“Thank you so much for planning a wonderful 40th High School Reunion party!!  I had such a great time catching up with everyone! The food was really good too! I so appreciate your effort in making this happen for our entire class every 5 years!!”

Kim Rodman


“Thanks so much for all the hours and hours of work that went into putting on a wonderful weekend.   It is very much appreciated.  I certainly concur that the reunion was fantastic and wholeheartedly second Chris Fowler's comment that it was the best reunion ever.  (I might add that since Chris is a Wood Acres alum, he's been blessed with a lot of wisdom.)  It was a warm, lively, open, and pretty electric evening at Normandie Farms.  Even though I didn't know a lot of them at the time, it makes me feel even more grateful for having had the opportunity to have attended high school with all these people as classmates.” 

Roger Hamilton